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Empty Magazine
First published in 2004
Hobart, Australia

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Latest Issue
Annual 02
The Empty Annual 02
Crowd-Funded by Generous Humans

We're excited to be releasing the Empty Annual 02. This issue, like our first Annual, was crowd-funded by an amazing group of supporters who generously purchased benefits both big and small to allow the Annual 02 to be published.

The Annual 02, like past issues of Empty, is full of artwork from talented artists from around the world. Painters and illustrators of a wide variety of styles, the artists in the Annual 02 are all extremely talented and their work looks amazing in print.

Check out page samples below, and to your right is a full list of artists in this issue. Visit the link below to purchase yourself a copy:

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Annual 02 Artists

Alan Coulson (Cover)
Daniel Ochoa
Ethan Murrow
Tom Deslongchamp
Charles Wilkin
Andrew Archer
Alex Kanevsky
Owen Gent
Andrew Fairclough
Karan Singh
Aleah Chapin
Antoine Cordet
Jean-Paul Mallozzi
Gregory Theilker
Juan Ford
Sean Norvet
Ben Tolman
Pat Perry
Brendan Monroe
Matthew Cornell
Paul Cadden
Matthew Quick
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