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Empty Magazine is a print magazine based in Sydney, Australia
It was first published in 2004. Our website sucks, our magazine doesn't

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  The Empty Annual 02
Crowd-Funding Project

Empty is excited to be crowd-funding the second issue of the Empty Annual. After successfully funding the first Annual thanks to the amazing support of our readers, we felt that crowd-funding was a great way to be able to publish another issue.

Please check out our projects page on Pozible.com to view the list of Rewards that you can grab to support the magazine.

Thanks in advance!
Latest Issue - Annual 01  
The Empty Annual 01
Crowd-Funded by Awesome Humans

We're excited to be releasing the Empty Annual. This issue was crowd-funded by an amazing group of supporters who generously purchased benefits both big and small to allow the Annual to be published.

The Annual, like past issues of Empty is chock-full of artwork from talented artists from around the world. Ranging from painters, illustrators to photographers and designers, the artists in the Annual issue are all extremely creative and their work looks amazing in print. See below for a full artists list and click the link below to purchase yourself a copy at the all new very low shipping rates:

Click Here To Order The Annual

Annual Artists:
Vasilios Paspalis (Cover)
Adams Carvalho
Andrew Archer
Micah Ganske
Jonny Ruzzo
Seamus Conley
Elbow Toe
Dean Monogenis
Damien Kamholtz
Catalin Petrisor
Christer Karlstad
Damien Daly
Emily Burns
Freda Chiu
Grzegorz Domaradzki
Mardiana Sani
Meghan Howland
Rod Luff
Ryan McGennisken
Simon Cowell